(4) Mind has power.


Persons who use mind’s power skilfully

enjoy big success.

If you think ,

“I’m not an expert at life nor a philosopher”,

you don’t have to think that way.

You can do it!

(6) Cheerful mind.

(6) Cheerful mind#####77777

We human beings have cheerful mind essentially.

However, we aren’t sure if we are able to keep it for a long time, are you?

“Hello!” or “Good morning!” is what you say voluntarily when you first see a person in the morning.

Then, you find yourself cheerful mind within.

(7) Infinite Power.

5)Infinite  power#3

Do you want to have infinite power?

Yes, you  do.

Some  have  had  strong infinite  power by  now.

 Many   have  already had  infinite power.

Also, some  will have infinite  power.

When  you are  devoted  yourself to  God  and  Buddha,

you  will  get  it ! 


(13) To love people around you.

((13) To love people around you.###777

Please love people around you.

Everyone of  them is very  precious,

because we’ re classmates each other in the school of this world.

We can grow spiritually as we work hard

by competing with each other.

No matter what kind of circumstance you are in,

you can do it,


we can love each other. 

(14) Reflection

(14) Reflection###777

This is a really great thing !

Self-examination works as an eraser,

in order to erase sins from Akashic  Records.

 Akashic Records are almost the same as

the reports of  spiritual histories of human beings,

which are told that only great angels can read it.

In other word, 

by self-examination, we’ll be able to free from any of reactions.

We live in the law of cause and effect.


Let’s practice applying the laws of mind positively !

To apply the laws of mind positively#5

Hi!  How are you today?

Thank you for many comments to give me.

I really enjoy looking at them.

Instead of reply to each of you,

I try to work at this site to make much better contents.

Now, I’ll tell you about a very successful Japanese man

whose name is Mr.Shouiti Watanabe,

the  emeritus of Jouchi University,  the scholar of English

and the essayist.

When he was young, he really wanted to go to the U.S. to study and live with his family

but he couldn’t  do it.

Shortly after that, he could visit to England and Germany to study.

At that time, people or countries that love

“having dreams and self-help”

became wealthy ,

and people or countries that don’t love it, became poor.

He learned clearly about it while his visiting to these countries.

Later, Mr.Watanabe  could go to the U.S. as a professor anyway.

He said that you need write down on a piece of paper

whatever you want to be,

and whatever you want to get,

then put the paper into an envelope,

hide it somewhere  and take a look to read it

at least once a couple of  month.

Then if you want to write down on the paper more, you can do it.

Things you want to get ,to have and to be, are possibility for you.

If you don’t  have the ability to do it, you can’t think about it. 

Your dreams surely come true some day.

However, things which God doesn’t want you to

get or to be, can’t come to you even though

you pray very hard.

Let’s do it !

I’m going to write down on a piece of paper about what I want to be

and what I want to get too! 


(16) Success

(16) Success ###777

I found something that is very important today.

God sometimes gives a person an ordeal 

who is very successful in this world

but not successful in spiritual world,


God really loves the person.

When the person overcame the trial,

he or she becomes a true successful person. 


(17) Faith


I think of  ”faith” which has many levels.

We usually think that animals don’t have faith,

but  they might have faith even though

the faith is at a very, very low level.

In human beings,

it may be the same thing.

Do you know what I mean?

A self-controlled person will be able to be

at the highest level of faith.

(20) Let’s develop Golden future !

(20) Let's develop Golden future !#7#7

Let’s develop golden future !

We can create our future.

This coming future will be good one.

I mean that good future is good for anyone

whoever have healthy mind.

 What is healthy mind?

It is right mind as human beings.

There are  different kind of wars going on in the world now.

I don’t know the name of wars 

but I know what are used on the wars.

There are hackers, wizards and gurus 

that have been used as fighters

in the field of wars,

where mainly they’re on the Net !?


I strongly believe in that

by the laws of cause and effect,

people or groups that send fabrications will be destroyed 


people or groups that  send the truth

will be  winners ultimately on the wars.


(21) Religions

(21) Religions#123#777

There are many, many religions in the world now.

By learning a religion,

we will be able to get much knowledge about

how to control ourselves,

how to be good for others or  yourself.

An entrance of each religion looks different

but the view from the   mountain might be the same.

You can climb up the top of the mountain some day.

Our lives are eternal.

A person can experience  many nationalities,


many religions.

The existence of Lord El Cantare

You would do better to believe in the existence of Lord El Cantare.

You would do better to believe in

Lord  El Cantare.

According to “The Laws of the sun”,

His spiritual body is ten kilometer across.

The core  in the center  of the great body,

  has had a human body this time

and was born on the 7th of July in 1956.

He has worked amazingly

since He realized Himself and His mission at His age of 25.

Because of the incarnation of the God of all universe who He is,

He is also the God of Love and Success.